Tasty Texas Broiled Shrimp

In this era of recycling and repurposing, I put my own spin on a recipe from one of my Father’s favorite cook books (now sadly out of print). Join me in another glass of Chabernet with an entre of Texas Broiled Shrimp.

Texas Grilled Shrimp

Texas Grilled Shrimp


Please share the secret of the very best shrimp you may ever eat. The texture and flavor of the shrimp are both uniquely satisfying. It is one of the first meals I learned to make as a young man, borrowing the recipe from my father’s favorite cookbook. I greatly improved the original recipe which contained only vegetable oil, lemon, parsley and garlic. One time we grilled the skewers over a portable Hibachi at Scripps Park in La Jolla and the aroma nearly caused a riot. Here’s the recipe as it has evolved over the course of 40+ years:

My take on Texas Broiled Shrimp

Serve skewers at the table from the platter over a bed of Polenta, Rice Pilaf, or Quinoa with a side of grilled vegetable such as romaine lettuce, asparagus, zucchini or eggplant. I’d just love to have a local restaurant or food truck pick up on this recipe and I’d eat there once a week.



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