Razor clams: Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Razor Clams

Razor Clams

Bi-valves for Breakfast – If there is a city that is the exemplar of all things Chabernet, it would be Barcelona. Sure, the Spaniards also have their sophisticated eateries and designer food scene. However, chowing down on a breakfast of Razor Clams with a glass of Cava in the open market La Boqueria is about as real as it gets. And how convenient that this extraordinary food market is right in the heart of La Ramblas, the only place to be for lovers of food and drink. We rolled out of our hotel bed and walked a few steps to La Boqueria, but it was obvious that many others had been out partying all night.

La Boqueria

The assortment of fresh fruit juices was too tempting, so we shared a quick cup before heading to our favorite food stand, Kiosko Universal. The plate of grilled Razor Clams served with olive oil and parsley along with with fresh baked baguette was the perfect start to our morning.

Kiosko Universal

The bi-valve bite was succulent, briny, chewy, with that incredible shape to highlight the genius of Mother Nature. A plate of eggs with runny yokes was then mopped up with that crusty bread. Others around us were either starting or ending their consumption of alcohol, but coffee was our eye-opener of choice this day. Every time I see a Razor Clam, I think of the Barcelona vibe and one of the very best food destinations on the planet. If you’re not a clams for breakfast person, try them at a Tapas bar but do order a glass of extra brut Cava – a truly Chabernet wine.

La Ramblas


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