You say Toast, I say Bruschetta


Toast, right?

Reporting on the hottest food trends, this author deserves a toast for exposing this Bruschetta masquerade. Crispy bread with a savory topping is still Bruschetta in my book. The real controversy is all these darn people mispronouncing it Brush Etta. Anyone who has ever enjoyed a glass of Chianti can tell you that it is not She Anti, rather Key Anti. So, please remember to order Brusk Etta the next time you are offered Artisanal toast.

Oops, I just noticed the word anal in Artisanal. Let’s hope these sneaky Artisans don’t make a substitution in the official U.S. Army recipe for SOS: CREAMED BEEF ON TOAST. We always serve SOS with a glass of Chabernet.


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