Caesar Salad Joy of Cooking

Caeser SaladClassic Caesar Salad – Joy of Cooking

Times have changed, but the Joy of Cooking recipe for Caesar Salad remains the very best.
The problem is that “times have changed” and the iconic Joy of Cooking is not well known in the digital age. I just Googled the search terms Joy of Cooking Caesar Salad, but there were no links to the authentic cookbook or the author’s family who carry on the Joy name. Hopefully Irma Rombauer’s kin will publish her original recipe and give it the credit it so greatly deserves.

Meanwhile, here is our version of this heavenly salad:

P.S. We also like the restaurant version prepared table side at Assagios in Kailua, Hawaii.

Caesar Salad Joy of Cooking Recipe

  • Yield: 6 Servings
  • Prep: 15 mins

Romain lettuce with a garlicky dressing and croutons.



  1. Wash the lettuce separating all leaves. Wrap in paper towels and place in the coldest part of your fridge or briefly place in your freezer.
  2. Boil 1 cup of water in your microwave or on the stove. Using a spoon, lower 1 room temperature egg into the water. Let it sit in the water off the heat for 5 minutes. Cut the egg in half and spoon into a mixing bowl or blender.
  3. Add the remaining ingredients except the Lettuce, croutons, and cheese. Whisk or blend the mixture until creamy.
  4. Tear the Romaine leaves into bite size pieces. Toss with the dressing and croutons. Sprinkle with Parmesan Cheese and add Freshly Ground Black Paper to taste.

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