Seafood in Italy

Our favorite destination for seafood is Italy. Sure, anywhere in the Mediterranean is great. You have to love the fresh fish in Hawaii, right? And then there is Asia where seafood has been raised to the level of Art. So, why is it that Italy resonates with our tastes? Pairing with local wines is certainly one reason. Another is the simplicity of preparation: freshest product, the very best ingredients, and a few simple herbs and spices. Garlic and Olive Oil play central roles as they also do in Greece, Spain, and France. Take a look at some of our food memories below and decide if the dishes inspire you to travel to Italy.

Positano, Italy

Whole Grilled Fish

Cinque Terre

Whole Fish with vegetables (yes, those are potatoes)


Fresh Anchovies with Lemon


Squid Ink Pasta


Spaghetti alle Vongole


Pasta with Clams

Amalfi Coast

Fish – Rolled then Grilled over Lemon Leaves


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