Thin Crust Pizza in Italy

Pursuing Perfect Pizza – one bite at a time.
We usually steer clear of any snobbery in regard to Food and Wine, hence our choice of “Chabernet” as our mast head. If there is an exception to our rule, it would be Italian Thin Crust Pizza. This single dish might qualify as a Perfect Bite; perfection in a mouthful! Neapolitan pizza (pizza napoletana) consists of crust made from high protein flour, San Marzano tomatoes grown in the volcanic soil of Mt Vesuvius, Fresh Mozzarella cheese (from cows or water buffalo), then baked at high heat in a wood-fired oven. What an awesome Food Memory – The crunch, then the chew, of the yeasty crust with its touch of char followed by the creamy, salty cheese and the sharp acid of the tomatoes. Join us in a photo tribute to one the world’s greatest dishes:

The Classic Pizza Margherita

San Marzano Tomatoes and Fresh Mozzarella

Baking them off in a Wood-fired oven

Perfect Pizzas

You don't eat all the Char

Pizza Arugula Lettuce

Italians use a Knife and Fork

Pizza Topped with Porcini Mushrooms

Partially baked then Bufala and Basil are added

Naples Pizza To Go


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