Finicky Eater

Our Finicky Eater loves Vietnamese Pho, especially after a day at the beach. He is proud that he has learned to eat the noodles using chop sticks. Our problem is that he won’t eat any of the traditional proteins cooked with Pho, so trickery was called for. Mrs. Chabernet, no stranger to kitchen trickery, cleverly stuck pieces of chicken hotdog on the ends of his chopsticks. Who doesn’t like food on a stick?

Chicken Broth, rice noodles, chicken hot dogs

Who doesn’t like food on a stick?

It is a great way to grab those slippery noodles as well as encouraging a child to eat much needed protein. Hopefully this will inspire others feeding kids who won’t eat protein.
Boil Rice Vermicelli noodles until just done.

Heat chicken broth and add sliced hot dogs cut into two inch pieces. The Missus adds a splash of fish sauce and some star anise to her broth for a Vietnamese touch. Add the boiled noodles to the broth. Tip: Add an ice cube or two if the broth is too hot for a child.

Encouraging a child to eat more protein

Hungry boy after a day at the beach

Here in Hawaii, the locals love Vienna Sausages almost as much as Spam, but do try the healthier all-Chicken sausages. Soy sauce with a little sugar is the local addition to the sausage and could be a dipping sauce.

Rice Noodles in Chicken Broth

Big Bite


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