Cinnamon To Die For

 (Mort le Roi Artu)

Death of King Arthur

The Mythical King Arthur was poisoned. Is it possible that King Arthur Flour is unintentionally poisoning their customers with their popular Vietnamese Cinnamon? You might recall that I’ve written about Amy Stewart’s “The Drunken Botanist”. Her book warns readers that not all Cinnamon is the real Ceylon variety and that Cassia Bark, with a similar but stronger flavor, has high concentrations of the toxin Coumarin.

Cinnamon To Die For

King Arthur Vietnamese Cinnamon

Recent comments from King Arthur customers:

“We love baking with this product, however we just learned that this is actually Cassia bark and not the traditional Ceylon cinnamon. Cassia contains high concentrations of the toxin Coumarin. King Arthur should remove the Coumarin or switch to Ceylon cinnamon.”

“Tastes great. But does anyone know the coumarin levels in this cinnamon, especially if it from SE Asia?”

Foods containing Cassia have been banned in Denmark according to NPR.

Mrs. Chabernet is a huge fan of cinnamon and often prepared a tea using Cinnamon sticks. After reading Amy Stewart’s warning, we discovered that the sticks were in fact Cassia Bark. Imagine our surprise when we also discovered that our favorite Cinnamon for baking is also Cassia Bark. Needless-to-say, the Chabernet kitchen is now free of all Cassia products.

King Arthur is known for superb products of excellent quality. I can’t wait to see how they respond to the recent news about Cassia.


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