Boca da mouth

Boca da mouth - Imgur

My play on words with the Pidgin expression: “broke da mouth”

Pronunciation: brok da maut

Meaning: Something so tasty that you want to eat it all at once

History: Possible origins in a literal translation of the Hawaiian expression ai a hewa ka waha, which means ‘to eat until your mouth can’t take no more’.

Also, Boca (as in Boca Raton) means mouth in Spanish. In any case, French Fries are my favorite indulgence. If the taste of truffle oil is not too strong, its a perfectly sinful addition. We also make them with a dusting of Porcini Mushroom powder. You make the powder by blending dried Porcini’s in the spice grinder. A little finely chopped herbage such as Italian Flat Leaf Parsley or Fresh Thyme and “Voila!”

CUCINA enoteca in Fashion Island Newport Beach:

Boca da mouth – Imgur.


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