Cooking with Wine and Mushrooms

The unlearned in the culinary arts and tastes might think that wine and mushrooms do not fit well together on the same dish. But those who have explored the sautéed regions of the human experience understand the power of the grape and the foundations of the cepes. Wine and mushrooms go together like peanut butter and jelly. You just have to know how to bring these two magic ingredients together… and why you would want to.
Mushrooms are a great source of protein. They are prominently featured in many a vegetarian recipe. They are also popular on pizza. By virtue of pizza alone have mushrooms become ubiquitous–a commonplace member of the western menu. But did you know that different species of mushroom have different flavors? Texture may also vary by recipe, preprocessing, and species.
Wine is one of the great flavor enhancers, and, in the skilled hands of the chef, wine can release the most potent flavors in the blandest of foods. Of course, wine is only one of the enhancers we use. It is especially favored on low-fat diets because, unlike butter, wine cooks away and leaves only flavor.
The choices for blending wine and mushrooms seem nearly endless. They can serve as the main dish in a meal or as a secondary dish. They may only be two of many ingredients. People have discovered so many uses for wine and mushrooms that it is virtually impossible to document them all, although more than a few cookbook authors have tried to introduce their readers to the many options.
What follow are some of the interesting anecdotes and recipes one finds on the Web when searching for new wine and mushroom ideas to try.
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