Braised Oxtails

You don’t need to wait for cool weather in order to enjoy a hearty comfort food like Braised Oxtails. They are popular (and affordable) all year-round in Hawaii – where cool weather is highly unusual. Here is a simple but complete Oxtail recipe that you and your Ohana will really enjoy:

Do you know that phrase, “lip smacking good”? This Oxtail Stew recipe transforms the humblest ingredients into a lip smacking good meal. The science behind all that smacking of lips, is the slow cooking of all the connective tissue and gristle until it turns into gelatin. The cooked gelatin actually coats your lips and tongue – hence the expression. Here is our recipe for Oxtail Stew:

Wild But Bottled Up

Wild But Bottled Up

The hand-blown Patron bottle is a thing of beauty, and the Patron Silver Tequila is not bad either (see below for our perfect Margarita recipe). So, it came as no surprise when my wife asked me to retrieve an empty bottle from our recycle bin. What to do with an empty tequila bottle? Why, you re-fill it with home-made fruit-flavored Vodka. I’d expect nothing less from the woman who coined the word Chabernet. This time she substituted Vodka infused with foraged Pitanga (Surinam Cherry), but any edible fruit might work.


Patron Tequila Bottle

In Hawaii, Guava also grows wild, as does Lilikoi (passion fruit), and Mountain Apple. In Texas, Wild Plum trees abound, as do wild Persimmon and Mulberries. The first time I encountered a wild plum tree while walking along a Texas creek, I smelled the fragrance of the fruit before I spotted the tree. The smell is indescribable and I’ve sniffed it before in wild fruit like the Pitanga. How amazing that such a fleeting perfume can be captured and savored in a Vodka infusion. Conveniently, wild yeast grows on the skin of the plum making it perfect for handcrafted wine or your own sourdough bread starter yeast (but that is another story).
In the Pacific Northwest, wild berries are our choice – blackberry, raspberry, currants, goose berry, and huckleberry – just to name a few. I recall a sweet golden raspberry that we foraged in Oregon and its color and taste infusing Vodka might be a clever alternative to Chambord.
In any case, wild fruit is a renewable and healthy resource. Impress your guests by hauling out your own homemade hooch then offer a toast to their good health.

Recipe for Surinam Cherry Vodka is here. In our typical Chabernet style, we replace expensive spirits with inexpensive but good quality Costco Signature Vodka. By the way, we don’t add sugar or sweetener to our home-made flavored Vodka.

Quote from Patron regarding their beautiful bottle.
“Each bottle is individually crafted by a glass artisan from recycled glass and is hand-numbered”. – See more at:
If you don’t drink Tequila, empty Patron bottles are sold on e-Bay.

Perfect Margarita Recipe

  • Yield: 1 Servings
  • Prep: 5 mins

Inspired by the House Margarita at Uncle Julio’s in Dallas, TX (our favorite Tex-Mex chain).



  1. Serve on the rocks in a glass with a salted rim (optional). My wife likes hers tart and not too sweet, so these are her proportions
  2. The Agave Syrup is a clever touch since Tequila is also made from the Agave plant. Simple Syrup may be substituted.

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